Fighting Back Against Hate

On Saturday our campaign published a new ad called 'Unafraid' responding to white supremacist, anti-semite, conspiracy theorist, Holocaust-denier and “former” Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke.

In the ad, Wendy reads David Duke’s tweet and responds:


Duke first attacked us on Thursday evening after we launched our first campaign ad, Unapologetic, that shared her story as a formerly undocumented person. The ad has gotten 96,000 views on Facebook alone.



Check out our first ad!



On Resilience: How Wendy Carrillo Went From Fleeing War To Running For US Congress

Wendy Pink

Wendy Endorsed by the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC

Los Angeles, CA - On Tuesday, February 14, 2016 California Congressional Candidate Wendy Carrillo received the endorsement of the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles PAC. Today Latinos make up a majority of the district’s population and more than half are registered voters. The group noted Wendy Carrillo is the type of leader needed in congress to represent the California’s 34th Congressional District. 

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Los Angeles Times

Wendy featured in the LA Times as one of the candidates for the 34th Congressional District. 


Wendy talks with MSNBC's Joy Reid on immigration and your rights

Wendy on MSNBC with Joy Reid talking about immigration reform, recent ICE detentions, and knowing your rights.


Wendy at the 2017 MAKERS Conference

Wendy at the MAKERS Conference United State of Women panel with VP National Community Alliances of Teach for America, Brittany Packnett and Bellamy Young, actress, singer, and producer.




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